Washington Gun Rights and Responsibilities

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Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities deals with firearms ownership, both the rights and responsibilities for Washington state residents. It contains language from existing Washington State statutes that were in effect at the time it was written. This includes the laws that relate to use of force in self defense, defense of property, and defense of another person. You will also find advice on safe firearms handling, a section on kids and guns, and the general "rules of the road" about owning, carrying, and using firearms, whether for recreation or personal defense.

What's New in this Edition

What Reader's Say about Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities

"To write "Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities," Dave has distilled stacks of federal, state, and local regulations, then combined that with his years of hands-on experience in the gun rights arena, and added in his close relationship with the law enforcement community. The result is the definitive text on what you, as a gun owner, and especially as a concealed pistol license holder, MUST know about legal possession and use of guns in Washington State. If you are even thinking about carrying, you need this book...."

Mike Lubrecht
NRA Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor

About the Author

Dave Workman is a newspaper editor, nationally recognized gun writer and firearms authority, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. A handgun and personal defense instructor for over 20 years, he has taught both NRA firearms safety courses, and created a firearms and personal defense protection course for the Highline Community College adult continuing education program. He also created the Personal Security Seminar, which he taught for several years.

An award-winning journalist, Workman is Senior Editor at GUN WEEK, and a contributing editor for GUN NEWS DIGEST and WOMEN AND GUNS. His work has also appeared in the HANDGUNS annuals from Krause Publications. He spent 13 years as Washington editor of Fishing & Hunting News and seven more as the Guns & Shooting editor of that publication. He was managing editor of Hunter Education Instructor, and editor of Small Craft Advisory, a marine law enforcement journal.

Described as "a weaponcraft expert from the Pacific Northwest" in the June 1996 issue of Combat Handguns magazine, Workman is a graduate of the Lethal Force Institute. An associate member of the American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers, he is one of the few journalists ever invited to attend the Calibre Press Street Survival course for police, which he twice attended. He has served as an officer and director of the Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club, and on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors, serving as chair of the Law Enforcement Assistance Committee in 1994-1995.

A veteran firearms and sportsman's rights activist, he authored the original draft language for Washington State's anti-Hunter Harassment statute. Hi is also an accomplished hunter and competitor.

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